Schofield #3 Top Break Revolver

Schofield #3 Replica Revolver

Schofield #3 Replica Revolver

I enjoy collecting and shooting airgun replicas of real pistols. My most recent addition is the Schofield #3 top break revolver.

About 1870, Smith & Wesson developed a top break revolver. An Army Ordnance officer, Major George W. Schofield of the 10th Cavalry, modified it to fit his needs and Smith and Wesson incorporated his modifications into the design in 1875.  They named the new design the “Schofield”.  Smith and Wesson produced variations of their #3 revolver until 1915.


This airgun replica of the Schofield No. 3 Revolver is imported from Taiwan by Bear River. It has:

  • 8 Inch Barrel
  • BBs
  • 435 FPS
  • 12g CO2 Powered

The Schofield actually preceded the famous Colt Single Action Army pistol which was introduced 1873. Colt’s Single Action Army (and it’s clones and reproductions) is still being manufactured.

Years later, another top break revolver, the Webley Mark I, was adopted by the British Army in 1887 and was manufactured until 1963.

Here’s my YouTube video:


Bear River Description and Specifications:

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