Handgun Safeties

Real and replica guns showing safeties


I’ve made and posted a video about various safety mechanisms used in hand guns. Now, I’m no expert on guns – not even an Internet Expert.  In fact, much of what is shown was unknown to me until relatively recently.  Realizing my ignorance about safeties, I studied up a bit.  Realizing that many others were also confused, I decided to put my findings into this video.  After all, a good way to learn something is to prepare to teach it to others.

This is not a video about gun safety features such as drop safeties or even gun safety rules and procedures.  It is just an overview of hand gun safety mechanisms.

To demonstrate the various types of safeties, I’ve gathered a hodge-podge of real firearms and replicas. All of the guns shown have been safety checked and are unloaded.

I have to say that making a video — even a YouTube video — is not easy especially if you choose to use two cameras, an external audio recorder and mix in some PowerPoint slides.  I learned a lot while making the video and plan to do a few more.

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